Snow Day

Melting snowflakes

Late September Rain

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Photo credit: Joan Stickles



Cheated ravens depart screeching aloud.

The posse lumbers close behind;

lilly-white robes dull from seclusion

In back-wood rooms & halls,

Crunching boots concealing rotten soles.

As the figure in red-white plaid

Absently forms snowy shapes & words,

She watches the detente & dangling

Nylon link, it’s open maw swaying

In the breath of winter ides.


Today I have reached the milestone of 100 posts. I’d like to give a huge thanks to all those that have followed me and the countless others that have liked or commented on my work. God bless. I could have chosen any number of topics to write about for my one-hundredth post: Ferguson, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc. But I decided to post this short poem. Enjoy!



As November snow
observes behind the pane
I write a hundred poems,
using icicles to drip indigo
ink into the limp arm
of a fibroid page.