Week 2


Week 2

She said she can’t write
In light of current events.
Like what’s going down
In Ferguson and the Middle-East
Is making her sick of words,
Sick of thinking her words
Won’t turn this tumultuous
State of affairs around.

I do pray she writes again
and mends a creative soul
broken by the news reels.
I pray she knows that hope
Still lives among us.

Media Immunity


Media Immunity

Our hearts and minds have synthesized

from concern to in-difference.

Briefly, the red-stained headlines invoke

spontaneous outrage, briefly…

Only before the turning page

followed by the next day’s live events.

Few are chilled by the stunning stats,

shattered limbs in black body-bags,

scintillating, debris-strewn streets,

this death,

that disaster,

this —

that —

And in other news this fine day…

Pontificis electione versus indictatus (A verse indicted for the papal election)

Here is a poem written in honor of the new pontiff Francis I and his recent election as the first non-European pope in over 1000 years.

Notes from St Peters square

In the midst of a chilly nightfall’s


We wait as children of God; pilgrims to the


Within the watching colonnade,

hands are wrapped and mouths move silently

over a simple rosary.

We gaze upon a lonely chimney, waiting for it to

signal the arrival of the light.

For that old flame which glowed within this theocratic

micro-state has dimmed.

It must be relit by a new light that will burn a hope in.

‘‘Look upon yon chimney breaks!’’

‘‘It be a holy smoke so white!

Like the very heart of Christ!’’

In a colonnaded square of cheers and screams,

clustered with the ignited hearts of burning devotees.

The light from the window of that St Peters balcony erupts;
its doors open:

‘‘Habemus Papum.’’

In this dark, wet night of the world, a candle dances again

that will burn a divine hope in.