Green in a post-color world


Green in a post-color world

Have we done it?

Are we still doin’ it?

Have we roasted the emerald dough

till it explodes?

Have we scraped the remains together

to be consumed like cracklin’?

Has it satisfied our material hunger

or do we yearn for more?


I once heard the news say of a Brazilian baron

who lost + 1 million a day

who still proclaims his fortune will not abate

even while green blood drains from his palms and veins.


I’ve seen the dollar string up citizens debt-ridden necks

choking them till their financial lives are half-dead;

hold hostage economies

with the threat of default and social unrest.


Such is life linked to the twisted key to prosperity.

For just like the proverbial fool and his money

we held it blindly too hard and too long

without realizing it had already gone.