Who are the Aliens?

Who are the Aliens?

Send them home!

You chant as fans

on legislative grandstands.

They should be expelled and banned 

You continually chant —

from coming to our land!

But what power, what right,

do you so-called possess,

to expunge them like insects in the night?

These landless, wandering souls who

came with freedom in sight?

What arguments can you duly provide

that will bring all opponents to your side

and end this integration divide?

They steal jobs!

They take space!

They bring drugs and crime!

But tell me, have you really looked into one

of their eyes?

Have you heard them relate with sadness in their


how from home and family — and from war, poverty

and disease — they had to physically fly?

How along that long, hazardous trek they very nearly


But like Pontius Pilate you wash your hands clean and refuse

to accept or adopt them,

handing them over on boats and planes to the troubled lands

they left behind.

But are not you,

Who sit like overseers on congressional seats,

not like them too?

Ask the First Nations, whom you call ‘Indians’,

and they’ll say who are the real citizens

and who are the aliens.