Cast it down


Listen to the emotion

burn like a potion inside

your soul.

Feel it move without notion

and go through the motions

leaving you more broken than whole.

For it comes from

love abused, love scorned

love that adorns the weak

who accept its veneered deceit.

Oh Sister!

Cast this beast of false affection down

into the pit from where it was found.

and let your own heart,

your own beauty, sound

for true love to hear.

What life these eyes have felt

What light these eyes have felt

Until my soul received the King

I was blind of spirit; blind of sight.

I walked like a shadow in sinful shroud,

awaiting Death to meet me.

Hope and I, like bitter rivals,

never saw fit to reconcile.

Peace and love,as estranged spouses,

 kept their distance.

For I was lost.

Trapped in ever rising waters

on a raft

about to sink.

That is… till

the King’s touch of mercy brought

sight to my lids and light to my heart,

taking me back to shore.

Then what form the

blindness hid revealed its awful beauty

and grace and I retook our vows.

For a touch from the King is a touch of life, a light that never fades