Bi-continental Identity


Bi-continental Identity

Upon return to my land of birth,

what internal storm

will within me take form?


For my feet have kissed the soil

where ancestors lived and died.

Soil imperialism did savagely toil.


For my eyes have re-adjusted

to a new world gaze

that’s cleared away my Western haze.


But when I walk through the maze

of that ‘Free World’ terminal

it’ll be in a new, uncertain life phase.


So I wonder,

what emotions will be

invoked within me?


Will I be astonished at how he

who was raised in a once subjugated race

still sets a nation’s political pace?


Will I mourn like a returned refugee

at sites of youthful memories

now overthrown by weeds and graffiti?


Will I still look upon

those stars and stripes

believing all the superpower hype?


Will it have the mark of liberty and the free

or of war, surveillance and cultural conquest

to me?


Will the anthem I sing

reflect the blood I bleed,

enclosing a two-fold identity?


Oh say can you –

Nkosi sikelel’–

see –