My History with Language

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On Giving Thanks

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On Giving Thanks


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This poem was originally published in Issue 19 of Fathom Magazine.

What Anxiety tells me

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Testimony of a Door



Look at me, my

Frankenstein of a body,

genesis of Mahogany

limbs. Notice this skin,

faded casualty

of sunlight, rain,

passing age.

I’m positioned

at the onset of incident,

like battering rams

serving no-knock warrants or

fists demanding entry.

Consider me a sentry

armed with cognizance

of things concealed

behind my back, 

how closed rooms,

offices and residences deceive.

Concerning Hope

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When I imagine borders

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Copy of Gift

Carpe Diem

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–For Anthony Bourdain

Though part of memay be breaking,I consider dayanother mercy.Night lurks so near,its call to silence unrelenting. I seize each dawning as respite, as the offeringof an unearned gift2

Up There


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What I Know of Grace

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