Love: An Education

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Gathered with sibling and parents

at the dinner table, I watch

my father’s long, mahogany arm

stretch over to my mother, seated

at his side, and knead her neck

like dough, teaching me a lesson:

sometimes keeping two souls tied

does not require words.


My History with Language

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On Giving Thanks

Faith, Life, Poetry

On Giving Thanks


Faith, Life, Poetry

Blog Post 3

This poem was originally published in Issue 19 of Fathom Magazine.

What Anxiety tells me

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Copy of Copy of Gift

Concerning Hope

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Copy of Copy of Gift (1)

Carpe Diem

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–For Anthony Bourdain

Though part of memay be breaking,I consider dayanother mercy.Night lurks so near,its call to silence unrelenting. I seize each dawning as respite, as the offeringof an unearned gift2


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Surrender v. 2


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House Cleaning

Why I doubt

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