As Dante descends

the bottomless spiral

of abyss,

so am I racked

on this subliminal

wheel of flesh,

tortured by crude

implements of carnal desires



Life is a cross-roads

between righteousness

and depravity.

Each path lures me

like Ulysses to the Sirens.

But I am not a faithful lover.

I take pleasure from both

when I see fit,

yet am always left unsatisfied


As a broken cistern

half-full, half-empty,

I await the Light to scorch me

bare, then fill to overflowing.

For I have taken up my cross,

I have crucified myself,

yet like Christ, I thirst.

Free will flails and nails me,

pierces my unguarded side.

I am slowly dying from indecision,

but still, I thirst


Domine, libera me malo,

I hear my mind say.

But why not deliver me

from the cross-roads of life?

For it matters not that one way

is straight and the other narrow,

both tear me clean down the center



In this ethereal war

for the soul,

I am exchanged as a captive

between spirit and flesh.

As an unfinished vessel,

I steer in the current of goodness,

but corruption’s tides

always turn me back.

And within these trade winds

of confusion, I find my life

is not my own


In the midst of this purgatory of self,

I taste divine reason’s sweet liquid.

The old conflictions pass away;

new resoluteness is born.

I have seen the path to Paradiso

and started its steep ascent.

Though I get knocked back by detours

of folly and baseness, I press on still,

guided by the Light’s committed hand,

my soul in pursuit of its perfect majesty

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