Wilderness Abstractions

Wilderness Abstractions

Again I trudge through

porcelain drifts and razor

blade flakes hacking down

my bitter Spring prophecies

Again the nuances of this

defiant New England season

stimulates consciousness with

abstractions, contradictions,

awakenings, misplacements.

Again I see social analyses

feeding the energies of class struggle

within the bleak cyrogenic stalks

of slumbering trees.



Where sweet things reside

Where sweet things reside

In the midst

of current tasks,

I’m drawn back

to summer afternoons

at Grandma’s flat.

Atop an amber-lighted

kitchen table,

succulent sap-sweet

lemon cakes

sleep in tin foiled safe homes;

dream in sealed plastic wrap,

guarding generational

culinary secrets





Food justice

Food Justice 

Grocery store:

Washington Street,

South End,

Cathedral of the Holy Cross

along the way.

Fruits of the vine,

produce of the earth,

packed in air-conditioned chambers.


Grocery store:

Warren Street,


Mandela mural

along the way.


sundry goods,

No WICA Acccepted.


We are what we eat.