Eros 1: I Do Not Fantasize

My first poetry series of 2015! Throughout the month of February I will be posting poems that deal with the theme of love and human affection. Enjoy!

I Do Not Fantasize
I do not fantasize my hands against your buoyant, airy skin. I do not fantasize the copious taste
of your mouth. Nor do I see us lost in consummate embrace, fighting for air as we drown
in our affection. Not yet. Not while a chasm of pride and inhibitions divides me from you.

Not while your graceful ways guide me out to sea where tidal waves of unconscious pains
aim to cast our souls adrift. Not till I have you, and you me, in blessed matrimony; completely,
deeply offering ourselves to Whatever May Come. Only then will your alluring form arrest me,
because you’re not a phantasmic form, but an enamored being that feels, that exists, that be.

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