Shakespeare — a tribute to thee


Recently, the United Kingdom celebrated National Shakespeare Day, and annual celebration of the birth, life and work of one the greatest figures in English literature. For more than 400 years his classic plays have been immortalized as literary genius. From the internal complexities of Hamlet and Macbeth to the grand histories of Richard III and Julius Caesar nearly all of Shakespeare’s plays still resonate with us today like a still-burning candle.

Even while there are still questions over his authorship, we must not allow this to spoil or make us look differently on the plays and particularly the sonnets that have been composed. Often upstaged by the plays, the 154 sonnets that were written show Shakespeare’s ability not just as a playwright, but as a poet.

Here are some Shakespearean sonnets recited by some well-known actors:

Al Pacino reading Sonnet 150


Stephan Fry reading Sonnet 130


Patrick Stewart reading Sonnet 116


Kim Cattrall reading Sonnet 103

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