My personal poetry collection (thus far) continued…

This is a letter that I have addressed to some imaginary figure struggling to live a moral life in a society of moral absence.

Poem 2: To a brother

To the one I hold in brotherly affection

Why do you seek such ill love; such false gratification?

Is it to seem significant, “In”, as popular as the fleeting figures of hipness, sport and soon-to-be-forgotten styles?

Why not wait to understand love’s enigma?

Be attracted to the features of the mind and heart that mature with time, not dissolve and show your worthy sisters that you possess traits absent in a charmer’s forked tongue:

Trust, commitment and above all,


My personal poem collection(thus far)

As I will be off in the States for the next two weeks, I will be sharing five of my  favorite poems from my own work before I leave. Some deal with religion, life, and other topics while a few are ones that were part of my first ten posts. Enjoy!

Poem 1: Rest


Amongst the leaves of the forest and soft flowing brook


In the tranquil country meadow–


Beside the crashing walls of the sea–


Within the fiery kaleidoscope of the concrete jungle–


In the high cliffs and deep trenches of life–


To those lost in the desert of deception, but searching for the oasis of truth–

To them I say,

Just be still and rest—–

In Me.

New generation verse


I would like to announce that from today onwards all blog posts will no longer be under younggriot but newgenerationverse. You may ask why I would make a change of heart in terms of the name with the blog still weaning like a baby, here are some of the reasons for the name change:

  1. The name is not sustainable the long term.
  2. The name newgenerationverse offers more options in terms of reaching to a new audience.
  3. It is part of the bigger picture, which is my plan to create a new form of poetry
  4. The name, ” new generation” is what I see as myself being part of a new generation of poets commenting on the world and life around them
  5. The word ” verse” is for creativity and is a connotation for my love for Jesus Christ.

Here is a poem by Haitian poet Herbert Logerie about a new generation that has risen from the ashes of slavery to see its destiny:

The New Generation

Betrayed and backstabbed
By our African brothers.
Insulted, humiliated and robbed
By Our European brothers.
We are the descendants
Of defeated Kings and Queens.
We are the infants
Of two distressed twins.
Sold like cattles,
Winners of many battles:
We are the new generation,
We are the fine products
Of a new creation.
We walk proud like ducks
Of the newly man-made lakes,
We helped and we chased away the fakes:
We are the dreams of our forefathers.
We are, at last, speaking in unison,
Like cousins, like brothers and sisters;
Every day, we are forging new union.
We are stronger than ever,
We are smarter than the dead fish of the river:
We are the new generation.
We are building new bridges,
The world is our nation.
We are building new stages,
While fighting and defeating the old aristocracy.
This is indeed our century:
We are the new generation.

© Herbert Logerie 2011