Our hero(or villian) the E-book.

What’s not to love about the E-book? You can read your favorite titles from the comfort of  the computer or on a stylish E-reader device. No hassle in book-hunting at the closest bookstore with their exorbitant prices and flashy sale gimmicks, no more having to constantly watch those fragile paper-backs for damp, tears and the yellowing of age. In our 21st ” I want everything now” century world, the E-book must surely be an ideal invention to suit our fast paced lifestyles.

Then again what is there not to hate about the E-book?                                       It’s deceptively stylish design may fit in with the ” hipness” modern times, but does it really have the same appeal as a book with its gentle pages and an odor fresh from its new release? Can it be a beautiful and enduring as the experience of reading the book on a cold, rainy day, cuddled up in your favorite arm-chair with a steaming cup of tea?

In my opinion the E-book will eventually emerge from the shadow of its original counterpart in years to come, but there will always be a dedicated market whose emotional affiliation with the book keeps them in touch like the increasingly nostalgic films in Hollywood this year to another, happier time in their lives.

What is your opinion?


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